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mrsmischief's Journal

Hi. I just started a new livejournal after several years hiatus from the blogging world. In the spring of 2005, I married my wonderful husband and we started our new life together in a new state. I am very excited to see what adventures of both good and yes bad nature life will throw our way in the future. :) My husband and myself both take our marriage vows very seriously. I believe that society has really messed around with the meaning of marriage and believe that marriage should be held in higher regard than it is by many people. Life and love will not always be roses and romance, but that is okay because we always have each other to grow with and overcome the trying times together.

I am currently a full time student majoring in philosophy. I plan to remain in school until I achieve my Ph.D. years down the road. I love learning and hope to always keep a mind open to trying and embracing new ideals throughout my life. The world has so much to show me and there are so many things and places I hope to experience. I am not sure which career path, if any, I will eventually wind up in, but I know at some point the correct life path will become apparent to me.

I have a passion for the arts and adore all forms of music. I love pilates and yoga and occasionally take a dance class of two with my husband. I can often be found behind a good non-fiction book or a great classic literature read. I love politics, history, various religions of the world and studying foreign languages. I also have a major fashion passion and spend quite a bit of time searching through vintage stores for the perfect pieces. I also love the occasional designer clothing pieces as well as designing and reconstructing my own fashion pieces. I can never get my home decor done just right and spend time tweaking the look of my home. I am a girly girl who loves to play with cosmetics and spa treatments. I am a little bit of everything all shaken up :)

***Update*** We are expecting to welcome our first child, whose gender shall remain a surprise, into the world in November/December of this year. My husband and I are most excited and feel very blessed with this recent news! :-D